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The Piff Pod

Jul 23, 2021

Mario the Maker Magician returns to The Piff Pod! Piff & Mario commiserate over teaching at virtual magic camp and the highs and lows of performing Zoom shows, Matt's kids try out Mario's magic-performing robot, and the gang plan for the future robot apocalypse.

Check out Mario's website for show dates, books, robots, and more!

Attention CA members of the Dragon Squad! Come see Piff the Magic Dragon (with opening act Matt Donnelly: The Mind Noodler!) LIVE at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on July 31! ​

Check out Piff the Magic Dragon on PIFFTREON for VIP access including EXCLUSIVE PODCAST EPISODES every week, live video chats with the Piff Crew, exclusive merch, and much more!