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The Piff Pod

Jan 31, 2020

We rarely edit anything out of the Piff Pod, but when we do things escalate quickly. Joey returns for a proper interview to discuss developing new magic and trolling a child. Plus, Part 2 of Piff and Jade's interview with Matt Hodges in New York and the Three Apologies of Mac King.

Jan 24, 2020

Piff and Jade are back from vacation and joined by Matt Donnelly and Joey Wafflemaker to talk expensive magic props and recap Piff's performance at the roast of Mac King. Plus Broadway show reviews, Jade's new e-mail, and Piff's epic foiling of a pickpocket.

Jan 18, 2020

Piff and Jade are in New York with Matt Hodges to reminisce about their time at Vegas Nocturne and recap some of Piff's early magic. Plus, social media strikes again, Francis' wedding invites, and breakfast is served. To be continued!

Jan 11, 2020

Piff and Jade are traveling this week, so enjoy these clips from some of the best interviews from the early days of the #PiffPod. These and all previous episodes are available at or wherever you get your podcasts. We'll be back next week with an all new episode!

Jan 3, 2020

Happy New Year from The Piff Pod! Piff, Jade, and Matt recap their New Year's Eve adventures and start the New Year with positivity. Plus, Piff continues his run at the Rio with Penn & Friends, Jade finally tells her "death while performing" story, and the gang discuss the upcoming Piff Tour and even more of...